SIXTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON BLACK SEA ANTIQUITIES The Greeks and Romans in the Black Sea and the Importance of the Pontic Region for the Graeco-Roman World (7th c BC-5th c AD): 20 Years On (1997-2017) (Constanta 18-22 September 2017) The Ministry of Culture of Romania The Romanian Academy The University of Bucharest The Museum for National History and Archaeology of Constanta The "Ovidius" University of Constanta •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 16 June 2015 FIRST CIRCULAR - CALL FOR PAPERS The International and National Organising Committees of the 6th International Congress on Black Sea Antiquities extend an invitation to all interested scholars to participate in the forthcoming Congress, either by contributing a paper or by attending as a discussant in the proceedings. The official languages of the Congress are English, French and German. Its specific subject is the Greeks and Romans in the Black Sea and the importance of the Pontic Region for the Graeco-Roman World (7th c BC-5th c AD): 20 years on (1997-2017). This was the subject of our first congress held in Varna in 1997. As the present 6th Congress celebrates 20 years since the first, we are returning to same subject, aiming to demonstrate what new developments have occurred since 1997. Two opening lectures are planned. One (by G.R. Tsetskhladze) to give an overview of new developments in archaeology and another (by A. Avram) on ancient history and epigraphy since 1997. The Proceedings of the Congress will be published by Archaeopress, Oxford. Those of the previous congress (Belgrade 2013) will be out by the end of 2015 (from the same publisher). The Congress is composed provisionally of four working sessions (see below), beginning on September 18th, 2017 (participants to arrive on September 17th). Once we have all proposals in hand, we may revise the format slightly to account for numbers and balance. Since there will be no parallel sessions, the number of oral presentations will be limited to 8-10 papers (each of 15 minutes’ duration) per session. This means that not all submissions will be accepted for oral presentation but, to allow maximum participation, we are planning large poster sessions parallel to the oral proceedings, and scholars are strongly encouraged to offer their papers as posters. The sessions have broad titles in order to encourage the submission of papers presenting current approaches and trends in scholarship. The main criteria for the selection of contributions will be originality and quality of research. Results from recent or current projects, innovation in methodology, and the exploration of lesser known areas will be given a high priority. We wish to cover as large a geographical and chronological range as possible. We reserve the right to assign any accepted paper to a poster session. Participants will be notified well in advance of the Congress date. A Congress web-site will be set up in due course, with details given in the Second Circular. Abstracts no longer than 300 words should be submitted by November 30th, 2016 at the latest (this deadline is strict). No submission without an abstract will be given consideration. All accepted abstracts will be made available in print during the Congress and on a web-site before the Congress. Planned Sessions: = Opening Session and Opening Lectures - Session 1. Foundation of Greek Colonies and the Character of Greek Colonisation; their Relationship with Pontic and Near Eastern Local Populations - Session 2. Pontus and Athens; Pontic Art; Religion; Navigation and Trade; Pontic Kingdoms - Session 3. Later Republic and Early Empire in Pontus and the Relationship with the Local Population; Art; Religion; Navigation and Trade - Session 4. New Excavations and Projects = Closing Session The Participation Fee The fee will be 80 Euros. This will include: (1) tea/coffee breaks; (2) welcome cocktail reception; (3) farewell cocktails and canapés; (4) Congress folder; (5) all printed material (programme, summaries, etc.); (6) city map; (7) a one-day city excursion on September 20th (see below). Information on how to pay for the Congress participation fee and for the Post-Congress excursion (see below) will be given in the Second Circular. Excursions Mid-Congress Excursion, September 20th Constanta (guided tour through the museum)-Histria-Constanta (lunch in Histria). Post-Congress Excursion, September 23th-24th Two days: the Danube Delta (including visits to the archaeological sites Argamum, Murighiol and Tulcea Museum). Detailed information, together with pricing, will be given in the Second Circular. Accommodation A list of hotels is given below. Prices are the current ones and, of course, will have changed by the time of the Congress in 2017: Hotels: Ibis - Ten - Voila - Le premier - Palace - Carol - Ferdinand - A Participation Form The form is on the last page of this circular. Please complete it and return it by the deadline of November 30th, 2016, to Gocha R. Tsetskhladze, by e-mail attachment and in word.doc: ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• International Organising Committee: Sir John Boardman (UK) - President; A. Avram (Romania/France) - Vice-President; Gabriel Custurea (Romania) - Vice-President; G.R. Tsetskhladze (UK) - Secretary General; N. Theodossiev (Bulgaria), J.-P. Morel (France), Y. Garlan (France), K. Zimmermann (Germany), A. Podossinov (Russia), J. Bouzek (Czech Rep.), S. Burstein (USA), J. Carter (USA), S. Atasoy (Turkey), Y. Gagoshidze (Georgia) National Representatives: B. D’Agostino (Italy), A. Dominguez (Spain), L. Loukopoulou (Greece), M. Tiverios (Greece), A. Rathje (Denmark), B. McGing (Ireland), Jan de Boer (Netherlands) National Organising Committee (Romania): Cristina Alexandrescu, Maria Alexandrescu Vianu, Mircea Angelescu, Constantin Băjenaru, Iulian Bîrzescu, Livia Buzoianu, Gabriel Custurea, Mircea Dumitru, Vasilica Lungu, Mihaela Manucu Adamesteanu, Florian Matei Popescu, Irina Nastasi, Vlad Nistor, Coriolan Oprean, Şerban Papacostea, Alexander Rubel, Ligia Ruscu, Gabriel Talmaţchi, Alexandru Vulpe ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Please address all correspondence and enquiries about the Congress to: Gocha R. Tsetskhladze Secretary General of the Congress

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